Desert Landscaping in Wann, NV

Being in a desert, landscaping in Wann, NV differs greatly from landscaping in other areas of the country. Just because you’re in a desert, however, doesn’t mean you can’t have the lush green yard you desire. With Desert Greenscapes, you can give your home or business a beautiful outdoor space.

Desert Greenscapes can help you with desert landscape design in Wann and the surrounding areas. We specialize in synthetic grass installation, synthetic putting greens, decorative pavers, landscape lighting, and more to give your home a professional landscaping touch.

We are master synthetic lawn and putting green installers with years of experience. Our installations include removing your existing turf if needed, rough grading the area for proper drainage, installing real lime stone sub base materials and proper compacting, fine grading to create the ultimate real turf appearance, and installing your new lawn.

We offer FREE estimates for all desert landscaping services in Wann, NV. Contact us today by calling 702-529-0377 or filling out a contact form to get started!

Synthetic Turf in Wann                                                                            

Synthetic turf is a great landscaping option for those that live in an urban environment—especially for those that live in an urban desert environment like we have in Wann, NV. Synthetic turf in Wann, NV is easy to maintain and since it requires no water—is environmentally friendly!

Synthetic turf remains green and retains its shine for years, making it a great long term investment in your home. It is a versatile landscaping with a variety of applications including lawns, roof terrace gardens, poolside beautification, indoor gardens, golf courses and sports arenas.

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Artificial Grass in Wann, NV

Artificial grass is an affordable and eco-friendly way to beautify your outdoor spaces. Unlike traditional lawns that require constant watering and maintenance, artificial grass in Wann, NV can last for up to two decades with virtually no maintenance! Whenever you decide to replace your artificial grass, your existing turf can even be recycled!

Our artificial grass products are manufactured right here in the United States, so when you install artificial grass in Wann, NV, you aren’t just beautifying your outdoor space, you’re helping put people to work across the country.

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Synthetic Putting Greens in Wann, NV

Are you a golfer, but don’t always have the time to hone your skills at the course? Now you don’t have to. With Desert Greenscapes, we can bring the putting green right right to your back yard. With our synthetic putting greens in Wann, NV, we can build you a professional level putting green custom tailored to your outdoor space.

We offer a wide range of personal putting green options that will help you take your golf game to a new level. All custom putting greens in Wann, NV are customized to your unique needs—giving you a product that fits your space and budget.

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Decorative Paver Installation in Wann, NV

Give your home a unique look that will make it the envy of the neighborhood with decorative paver installation from Desert Greenscapes. Decorative pavers come in a variety of colors and patterns—giving your home a wide range of aesthetic options.

Decorative pavers are ideal for driveways, patios, walkways, pool decks, and more! Contact us today to learn more about our decorative paver installation in Wann, NV

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