Fake Grass Can Improve Property Values

Las Vegas is the kind of environment where people are constantly trying to figure out how to improve their property values.  In the past, values went up significantly just living in a home, simply due to the sheer volume of people coming to the area.  Due to the housing shortage previous to 2016, a person could literally buy a house and then sell it the next day for more than the purchase price.  The housing crisis happened and over the course of the next ten years Las Vegas saw more typical home appreciation based upon improvements and remodeling.  The way to add value to a home that is not appreciating due to market conditions is by improving the home itself, and one of the best things you can do to add value is to improve the yard space.  In some areas of the country there is not such a desire to spend time outside, but in Las Vegas with our 300 plus sunny days per year, residents are looking for ways to live an active lifestyle.  This translates to the backyard selling the house in many cases because the new owners can see themselves lounging around on a sunny day or at night in their own private space.  Yards that are beautifully designed and manicured is a large improvement to a home, but doing that exact same thing while reducing maintenance and lowering the utilities bills is a win win.  This is what fake grass can do for your home.

People in Las Vegas want to be outside, but they are also looking for ways to enjoy themselves.  Nobody likes yard work, especially in the Las Vegas heat, so most homeowners who have yards will generally hire a landscaper to come to the house once a month.  This can add up to hundreds of dollars, and the only way to avoid those costs is to spend your weekends doing it yourself.  There are few residents who say they enjoy doing yard work, and when they are looking for a new house they are generally looking for the nicest yard with the least amount of care and maintenance.  This is what fake grass does for Las Vegas homes.

Artificial turf is also a money saver, as there is no longer the necessity to water your lawn in order to keep it green and healthy.  A single square foot of turf in Las Vegas can need up to 55 gallons of water every year just to stay alive, and you are paying for every one of those gallons.  If you install artificial turf in a space that currently has sod, you will actually be able to take advantage of rebates of up to 2 dollars per square foot as well, which makes sense for anyone who is looking for ways to improve property values at the lowest costs possible.  These rebates are only due to the drought, and will not be around forever.  Call us today to find out more about the installation of fake grass in your yard today.