Fake Grass In Vegas?

fake grassLas Vegas residents lead a lifestyle unlike other areas.  After all, our economy runs predominantly on casino and tourist revenues being generated by our legalized gambling, of course we are going to look at things a little differently that they would in other areas of the country.  With that said, there is a mentality that comes with being a Las Vegas resident that is also unlink most other areas.  People move here for a variety of reasons, but those reasons almost always come from a few specific aspects of the Las Vegas area.  People come here for work opportunities that they might not find elsewhere, and also because Las Vegas has all of the typical aspects and employment opportunities of any other big city, and on top of that has the hospitality and casino industries.  Quite simply, there is more work here than in other areas which draws people to us.  Another potential reason for people to move to Las Vegas is the lifestyle itself.  We have more than 300 sunny days per year in the desert, and combined with a large number of leisure industries like golf courses and hiking make it a perfect place to retire, or at least to start thinking about life once you are retired.  You might even say that Las Vegas residents lead aspects of their lives as if they are retired, even if they are not.

Living in Las Vegas as opposed to Southern California also has it’s benefits.  Our weather might not be as perfect year round as in Southern California, but our real estate is cheaper.  You can get a lot more house here than you can in Los Angeles or San Diego, and since there is air conditioning you can just stay inside your nice, big house when it is hot outside.  Many people who move here are thinking about life in these kinds of terms, setting up a more leisurely way of living.  Many times, that way of living does not include yard work.

The majority of people living in desert climates and hot areas do not enjoy doing yard maintenance, and as a result many people in the Las Vegas area choose to pay someone else to do it simply because they would rather spend their day enjoying themselves instead of mowing the lawn.  Combine this with the fact that we are currently in a severe drought that has caused the imposition of watering restrictions on residents, and you make a perfect case for the installation of fake grass into your yard.  By replacing the current sod with synthetic grass products, you allow yourself a perfectly manicured and green lawn without the hassles of mowing or the expenses of paying landscapers to care for it.  You also conserve water by not needing to water it and will save money on your water bill that you can spend somewhere enjoying yourself.  Fake grass never gets brown and dies, and the new and improved synthetic grass products do not pool water like they used to, or discolor over time creating a dull look.  We are so confident that you will love your fake grass lawn, that we offer a ten year warranty against defects.  Live your life the way you envisioned when you first thought of moving to Las Vegas.  Ask us about our artificial turf installation services today.