Las Vegas Desert Landscape Design


From ultra-modern minimalist xeriscaping in Las Vegas to lush and flowering cactus gardens, there’s no shortage of inspiration available for desert landscaping design. Of course, most people choose grass alternatives to save water and reduce maintenance. Desert plants, stone pavers, and custom hardscape installations can all be incorporated to culminate in an attractive and functional landscape design, perfectly suited to the Las Vegas climate.

Desert Greenscapes can help plan and design your next desert landscaping project. We provide synthetic turf, decorative pavers, and complete landscape services to homes and businesses throughout the Las Vegas area. Explore your design options and contact Desert Greenscapes today for a consultation.

Las Vegas Desert Landscaping Design Tips

The design plans should be tailored to your property’s microclimate, the sun direction in different locations, and how you want to use and enjoy your outdoor space:

  • Address the trouble spots – Sunlight, shade, drainage, and irrigation problems make some parts of a yard need a lasting solution with turf or hardscaping.
  • Match desert plants to locations – Various species of cactus and other desert plants can have very different sun and water requirements. Avoid placing desert plants with different needs right next to each other.
  • Consider maintenance requirements – Talk to an expert about irrigation, fertilization, and expected upkeep needs. It’s best to square away your desert landscaping maintenance while designing the desert landscape.
  • Children and pets – How much space do kids need to play? Do you need a dog-friendly turf that is easy to clean?

Grass Alternatives for Desert Landscaping

Synthetic turf is your simplest solution for desert landscaping. Always green and never a burden, an artificial grass lawn makes it easy to create a thriving desert garden. The options available today look and feel wonderful — these aren’t the old fake grass products from decades ago.

In terms of design, turf installations can be highly customized. We can create a lawn or walkway in any shape or size with pavers or masonry lining it for a truly unique landscape that blends well with your home and garden. Turf also comes in various heights and thicknesses so you get the visual and tactile effects you want.

More Options for Low Water Landscaping in Las Vegas

In addition to a water-friendly turf lawn, you can design a desert landscape using low-maintenance features including succulents, stonework, and outdoor lighting:

  • Stone pavers for walkways
  • Concrete patios, fire pits, and outdoor kitchens
  • Retainer walls made of stone or concrete
  • Desert-friendly plants
  • Rock gardens
  • Decorative lawns with artistically arranged pavers or bricks
  • Gravel landscaping
  • Landscape lighting for style and function

The design process starts with exploring your options and drawing up sketches with our consultants. Bring us your ideas and we’ll be happy to create a custom desert landscape for your home or business.

Desert Landscape Design in Las Vegas, NV

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