Las Vegas Water Smart Landscape Rebates


Desert landscaping – also known as “xeriscaping” – reduces the environmental impact of your lawn so much that the Southern Nevada Water Authority (SNWA) has plenty of incentives to help you get started. When you purchase certain irrigation control products or convert your grass to synthetic turf in Las Vegas, the SNWA will award you with some hefty cash!

Watering a lawn in the Las Vegas area simply requires too much water. Synthetic turf, decorative pavers, and other low-maintenance landscaping alternatives prevent water waste and save you tons of money over time. These SNWA rebates jumpstart your money-saving efforts with more cash in your pocket right away.

Desert Greenscapes provides water-wise landscaping solutions for homes and businesses throughout southern Nevada. Talk to our experts to find out about beautiful, eco-friendly solutions that qualify for rebates!

Water Smart Landscapes Rebate

Replace grass with desert landscaping and the SNWA will pay you in cash! The Water Smart Landscapes Rebate awards $2 per square foot, so you can easily save thousands of dollars after installation. You can convert to decorative pavers, stones, or artificial turf.

Here’s how it works:

Apply with the SNWA and get a pre-conversion visit before starting. This is necessary to qualify for the rebate and confirm which desert landscaping options you can use. Contact us for a consultation and estimate, and we’ll convert your grass to an eco-friendly, water-smart solution. Collect your cash rebate of $2 per square foot for the first 5,000 square feet, and $1 per square foot beyond that.

Smart Irrigation Controller Rebate

You can also get rewarded up to $200 for installing a smart irrigation controller. This device senses the weather and moisture to optimize your watering levels automatically.

Get the rebate through the mail after purchase, or print a coupon from the SNWA for an approved model. Read more about the Smart Irrigation Controller Rebate to get started.

Rain Sensor Instant Rebate Coupon

Rain sensors also help prevent water runoff and over-usage. This is a simpler alternative to a smart controller. The rain sensor shuts down the irrigation system until things get drier. Get the coupon for the Rain Sensor Instant Rebate and save up to $25 on a new product.

Request Info About SNWA Rebates Available in Las Vegas

Our Las Vegas desert landscaping specialists can help you discover the most cost-effective ways to convert your lawn and garden into a water-smart design with synthetic turf, stone pavers, and other landscaping solutions with low maintenance.

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