Synthetic Grass Saves Time And Money

Very few Las Vegas residents do not want to save money, and f that savings could be combined with saving time and making their lives easier there are few who would say they didn’t want it.  Add to that the fact that these savings might be generated by a program designed to help the residents of the community and also do your part to help the future, and there’s almost nobody who wouldn’t be interested.  It sounds like a great thing, right? Well that exactly what removing your existing sod and replacing it with artificial turf gets you in Las Vegas.

Grass doesn’t grow very well here, and it takes a lot of water and maintenance just to keep it alive, let alone looking good.  Each square foot of grass lawn in Las Vegas needs about 55 gallons of water every year just so it doesn’t die, so you can see how many millions of gallons of water are being used on Las Vegas lawns.  It is well known that there is a drought situation in our city, as well as along the entire west coast.  Reservoirs are at dangerously low levels, and if the current rainfall levels do not improve it is expected to get even worse.  As a result, communities in drought areas like ours have enacted conservation programs in the forms of laws and rebates, designed to make it worth your while to take out landscaping that uses so much water.  Grass is not natural to the desert, and creating an oasis in your yard is considered wasteful in times of crisis.  The Southern Nevada Water Authority has imposed watering restrictions for lawns that will basically make it nearly impossible to keep your lawn alive in the hot summer months, and the fines that you will receive are not small.  Ignore the fines and you can have your water service shut off all together.  In addition to this, the incentive of a 2 dollar per square foot of sod that is removed and replaced with artificial turf is in place.  All you have to do is contact us and we will give you an estimate as well as let you know what steps are necessary in order to receive your incentives.  It has never been a better time to get rid of that grass and replace it with synthetic turf, you help the community and save money at the same time.

But how does installing artificial grass save time? Synthetic grass products do not grow, and always remain looking manicured and perfect.  This means that you do  not have to mow your lawn any more, or pay someone else to do it.  You can spend your time enjoying your lawn instead of caring for it, and an artificial lawn looks and feels just like a real lawn.  As a matter of fact, it probably looks even better because in the Vegas heat grass gets thin and dry where an artificial lawn stays perfect.  So when you have had enough of mowing your lawn in the heat and want to save money at the same time, give us a call for a free estimate.  We are ready to help you help the community.