The Las Vegas Synthetic Grass Expert

So you have made the decision to remove your existing sod and install synthetic grass in your Las Vegas home.  You have obviously made the smart decision not to attempt to do this job yourself, as it is generally considered far harder to accomplish with good results than most home improvement projects.  The installation of artificial grass involves specialized tools and a specific technique, as well as an understanding of which materials will work best.  The project most certainly will not get good results if you attempt to do it by yourself, or without the proper equipment.  Probably the most important tool for this job, however, is the understanding of the way the process is approached in order to achieve results that will not only look good today, but also in the future.  Because of the extreme heat in Las Vegas and the relentless sunlight without rain, the process is a little more complicated than it would be in other areas of the country that are not so hot.  This climate is going to affect the choices of materials, as certain manufacturers of synthetic turf do not make products that are high enough quality to not be damaged or partially melt.  In Las Vegas, we not only have the general heat to deal with, but also the reflected heat from windows of homes which can magnify the heat in a certain area every day to unbearable levels.  All of this must be taken into consideration of you are to get an installation that actually stands up to the weather without splitting, discoloring or being damaged by other plants.

Some of the more common complaints about older synthetic turf installations involve discoloration and melting, as well as being split or raised by tree roots.  These kinds of potential problems are avoided with careful preparation and understanding of the climate here in the desert.  Careful attention must be paid where the synthetic grass is joined at the seams, because these weak areas are typically the first to go if there is continual harsh sunshine on it daily.  While there is little ability to prevent hotspots as a result of reflection from windows, avoiding placing of seamed areas into hotspot paths can help to extend the life of your synthetic turf.  In addition, the understanding that trees that are left around the installation area tend to have roots that will be sent out just below the ground surface in search of water, causing your turf to buckle.  A synthetic turf installation expert can make good decisions as far as what plants to keep and what to replace within your yars so as to avoid the destruction of the turf itself.  Desert Greenscapes has years of experience installing the products that hold up to our extreme weather, and as a result we have the confidence in our work to offer you a ten year warranty on any installation we do.  Las Vegas is a unique place with a unique climate, and our outdoor spaces have to be crafted with an attention to detail that only an expert can have.  Call us today for your new synthetic yard.