Why Dogs Love Synthetic Grass

A common question that Las Vegas homeowners will have regarding their landscaping is what types of ground coverings are the best for dogs?  This can be approached from a few different ways of looking at it, but if you were to take into account the things that are going to make your pet happy, the answer has to be artificial turf.  The reasons that synthetic turf is perfect for a dog in Las Vegas is actually the same reasons that traditional sod would be best in other areas.  Dogs prefer soft, natural ground beneath their feet and bodies.  Because Las Vegas is so hot in the summers, many people will choose not not have grass at all due to the fact that it is so hard to keep alive and looking good.  A dog’s natural attraction to the soft ground areas over the hard cement will generally result in them urinating in that area as well, essentially killing natural grass if it happens in the hot sun.  Urine that is placed onto blades of grass in the sun creates burn spots, and in Las Vegas it is very typical to see patches of sod become more brown than the surrounding areas if that is where the dog urinates on a regular basis.  Artificial turf solves this problem, due to the fact that it is made of robust synthetic materials that will not discolor when exposed to pet urine.  The modern versions of artificial turf also have improved backings that allow for liquids to penetrate and pass through as opposed to pooling on top, giving an even greater defense against discoloration and odors.  While it might be suggested that homeowners using artificial turf with dogs hose down the area with a water spray more often than those without pets just to keep odors at a minimum, you will find that the amount of damage that is inflicted by dogs on artificial turf is minimal compared to traditional.

Once we have established that artificial grass is better for the Las Vegas environment simply due to the difficulties involved in keeping natural grass alive in the heat, another concern that pet owners have is the fact that synthetic grass gets hotter than traditional grass.  This is true, and you will notice that on hot days your artificial turf does get around 10 degrees hotter than a natural lawn will due to the inability of trapped heat to disperse the same way it does with a traditional lawn.  However, since the consideration of a traditional lawn is not in the best interest of a Las Vegas homeowner we must compare the synthetic grass to stone or concrete ground coverings.  Both of these types of materials actually get hotter than artificial turf, and can easily burn a pet’s skin if they walk or lay down on it.  Dogs will naturally gravitate to the softer areas for lounging and playing, and will prefer it to concrete nearly all the time.  At the end of the day, your pet’s happiness is the most important aspect, and the ability to easily clean up feces and urine are also a consideration.  Artificial turf beats concrete and rock ground coverings on both aspects, and is the best alternative to a real lawn available.  We do not live in a climate that can support a real lawn effectively, and artificial turf is the best alternative.