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Artificial Grass Play Areas

You and your new family have decided to move to Las Vegas, or perhaps you already live in Las Vegas and are expecting children.  Maybe you already have children and are just looking for a way to upgrade your home in order to add functionality and usefulness, and to allow your children a soft and safe play area outside of the house.  Have you considered artificial grass?

Fake grass is a perfect ground covering for outdoor areas in Las Vegas.  It is far better than concrete which is uncomfortable and can be dangerous if a child falls on it.  Stone or rock groundcovering are slightly more forgiving than concrete, but still will provide an uncomfortable surface to sit on as well as being inadequate as far as providing a stable running surface.  Carpeting outside will not last very long in the Las Vegas environment, and rubberized matting needs to be placed on completely level and smooth surfaces in order to be appropriate.  All these things considered, artificial turf leaves the best viable alternative to typical ground coverings when you are attempting to create an area specifically designed for children to play in.

Artificial turf is a synthetic plastic formed to look and feel like grass, providing a cushioning aspect simply in the way it is formed.  The installation of artificial grass goes over a compressed fill product which not only provides additional cushioning but also drainage if accidents were to happen.  When fake grass is used for your child’s play area, they will feel as comfortable as playing on real grass.

The cleanup and maintenance aspects of fake grass cannot be understated.  The area will need little maintenance aside from the occasional hosing off and maybe blowing off with a leaf blower in order to remove debris that has fallen on it.  There is no watering or mowing necessary as it is not a living product, so it will always stay looking exactly as it does the day it was installed.  And now installing artificial turf play areas in your Las Vegas home will also be more affordable than ever due to the rebates offered by the Southern Nevada Water Authority.  Due to the ongoing drought conditions, the SNWA is offering rebates in order to encourage people to remove sod and replace it with artificial turf.  These programs are designed to save water, and they do so by encouraging homeowners to take out living plants and replace them with water smart landscaping.  Artificial grass qualifies for these rebates, and can save up to 2 dollars per square foot if you are removing existing grass and plants in order to install it.  Take advantage of these rebates and add value to your home while making it more pleasant and enjoyable for your new family today.  Contact us directly to get a free estimate on your new installation of an artificial grass play area.  We are sure your family, as well as the neighbor’s children, will thank you.  We look forward to hearing from you.

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