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Artificial Turf For Dogs – Pros and Cons

Dogs are more than simply animals to most people today.  Ask anyone who includes a special canine or two among his or her family, and you’ll find these beloved companions are certainly man’s best friend.  It stands to reason that many a dog owner would go the extra mile in ensuring Fido’s comfort, as well as safety.

With that in mind, many homeowners in the Las Vegas area are turning to artificial turf for their dogs. Artificial turf is beneficial in many ways, especially if your dog likes to spend some time on his own in your enclosed yard, or dog run.  But there are also disadvantages to installing artificial grass, as well.  Here’s a look at both sides of this innovative accessory for your pet.

Advantages of Artificial Turf for Dogs

Anyone who’s spent time in the Las Vegas desert knows maintaining grass is difficult.  Lawn care is costly in terms of water, fertilizer, and time, and really, landscaping in the desert utilizes every means to avoid high-maintenance grass.  With artificial turf, your dog can have the benefits of a real lawn, and you don’t have to worry about the maintenance, beyond basic sanitization.

With Desert Greenscapes artificial turf, drainage won’t be a concern.  Our artificial turf is designed to avoid pooling of rain-or other liquids-by a series of holes in the backing.  What’s more, clean up of solid waste is easy, making sanitation a breeze.

Our turf is stain resistant and durable.  Even the intense desert sun can’t fade our turf.  Naturally dirt and pest free, your dog won’t track in dirt, or mud, or any stowaway bugs.

When it comes to caring for the environment, we’re as serious as you are.  Our artificial turf requires no water, nor chemical care, and can easily be recycled.

Disadvantages of Artificial Turf for Dogs

Like almost anything in life, there are negatives to consider as well:

Artificial turf can carry a high price tag, but over the life of the turf, you actually save money and time due to the low maintenance nature of artificial turf.

Another potential disadvantage to dogs from artificial turf is the sun’s heat. The sun can get pretty intense in Las Vegas and, unlike living grass, artificial turf needs to be kept cool.  This can be remedied, however, by simply installing special padding underneath the artificial grass.

Odors and sanitation can be a big concern for homeowners who are considering artificial turf for dogs.  Maintenance can seem endless if your dog seems to constantly use the grass to relieve himself.  At some point, you will need to sanitize the area in order to prevent bacteria and odors.  This is only a problem, however, if you do not take the necessary precautions. With Desert Greenscapes artificial turf, you can include zeolite in your turf installation to absorb and prevent odors associated with pet waste.

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Ultimately, the decision is yours.  However, if you’re considering artificial turf for your dog, Desert Greenscapes is the number one name in Las Vegas when it comes to landscape design, exterior lighting, and artificial turf.  Let’s sit down and talk about the options we offer for you and your best friend.  Contact Desert Greenscapes today.

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