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Artificial Turf Lawns And Retirement Age People

There are several areas of the United States which are highly desirable for retirement-age people, and Nevada is one of the most highly sought after.  In Southern Nevada, and particularly in the Las Vegas metro area, we find a utopia of elements that older people are seeking, ranging from warm weather, access to some of the finest healthcare in the country, lots of interesting things to do and the ability to take it easy.  There are more than 200,000 retired people in Clark County alone, and as the general population ages and Baby Boomers seek warmer climates more and more, that population shows little for signs of decreasing.  The current statistics show the population of the United States that is 65 plus is 15%, with that number expected to rise beyond 20% by 2030.  Las Vegas is expected to continue to see a rise in it’s citizens who are over 65 and looking for retirement-age activities and lifestyles.

Landscaping can be an issue for older people, many of whom cannot physically maintain their lawns and landscaping themselves due to health issues.  Others might be interested in having a service maintain their landscaping, but find that a fixed income does not afford them the high costs that this luxury brings.  The heat of Las Vegas can pose an actual danger to older people who might venture outdoors in the summer months attempting to do yard work in order to keep their property from becoming overgrown and embarrassing.  Many people have the best of intentions to keep their lawns beautiful but simply cannot do so for any of these reasons.  Factor in the complaints from neighbors who might see an unkempt lawn as a hindrance to their property values, or possibly even an HOA which requires residents to maintain their lawn and we find seniors with few options.

Luckily, there are options that can take away the responsibilities and costs that are associated with that green lawn that seniors want, but find difficult to maintain.  Artificial turf, xeriscaping and low-maintenance desert landscaping not only requires little to no maintenance, but it also conserves water.  Lowering water bills for people on fixed incomes can be a life saver, if not just the knowledge that they are doing their part to conserve during these drought years.  Desert landscaping also requires almost no maintenance which can help to reduce the risks posed to seniors attempting to do their own yard work or with the inability to pay the monthly bills for upkeep by a professional service.

The low maintenance aspects of artificial turf are better than many seniors remember.  When artificial grass first was created, it aged poorly and often discolored quickly in extra-hot climates like Las Vegas.  It also needed to be tended to in order to keep it looking good.  Synthetic grass today is made from materials far superior to those of the past, and now require nearly no maintenance beyond a simple misting with water when you want to use it in the summertime or after there may have been an extra amount of dust blown in by the wind.  Zeofill is an additive that can even reduce the odors of pet urine that used to be a problem with artificial turf.

If you are a senior living in Las Vegas and are interested in reducing the amount of yard work you have to do, reduce the costs associated with watering and maintenance, and still have that beautiful lawn you remember from other areas in the country, call us today.

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