Desert Greenscapes

Desert Landscaping In Las Vegas

Las Vegas as a community that needs to conserve water, and utter how much money you have.  What we mean by this is that it is your responsibility as a resident of Las Vegas to do your part to conserve precious resources that are in short supply here in the desert.  It may seem like we have enough water to last a lifetime when you look at lake mead, the way you must realize is that the level of water has been gradually going down every year that the Las Vegas Valley population grows and at the same time we have shortages of rainfall to resupply the reservoir.  This creates a precarious situation where we could potentially run out of water and need to restrict its use, which can have a great impact on the most vulnerable of our community.  People that rely on the public water supply exclusively could potentially suffer and die if we were to run short on water, which means that the plants and the grass is that you may have installed in the past into your yard in order to make it look like you’re from California or from the east coast should probably be removed and replaced.  You’ll have probably heard commercials on the radio and on television discuss in the rebates and programs that the water authority offers in order to encourage conservation.  If you were to remove grass and replace it with any form of artificial turf or desert landscaping, the water authority will pay you up to $3.00 per square foot words that project.  This is because they want to encourage the conservation of water above all else, and want to make sure that people do everything they can in order to not waste it.  A single square foot of grass in Las Vegas can take upwards of 50 gallons of water every year just to survive, and it will probably need more than that if the summer is extra hot.  Every gallon of that water that is utilized for watering your lawn goes down into the gutter when it could be used for drinking.  We must keep this in mind when making landscaping decisions.

Desert landscaping can be even more beautiful than landscaping that uses plants that are not an actual to the area that it is done correctly.  The utilization of artificial turf the solution for those who simply cannot see themselves with anything except for the green grass lawn, and the use of malls and other structural elements within your yard when combined with landscape lighting can create a very beautiful and dramatic landscapes that cannot be matched.  When making their decisions as far as landscaping, please account to be involved with conservation by reducing the amount of water consuming plants that is used, and consider going completely water free with desert landscaping solutions.  If you need help design are installing your desert landscaping in Las Vegas, contact us today.

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