Desert Greenscapes

Patio Pavers Can Conserve Water

Everyone in La sVegas understands that we are in a drought situation, and that we need to each do our part to conserve water.  The rainfall that feeds Lake Mead has not been adequate over the past few years, and as a result reservoir levels have reached historic lows.  For this reason, it is important to understand why the conservation effort in La sVegas is not merely a suggestion, and can actually result in fines and even a shutoff of water services if the rules are violated.  The main rules that are important involve watering your lawn, and the days and amounts that you can water.  The reason these restrictions are important to pay attention to is that the amounts that you are allowed to water will probably not be adequate to keep your lawn healthy in the hot summers.  Instead of breaking the law in order to keep your lawn alive, there is a better solution involving taking out the landscaping elements that need water and replacing them with water-smart landscaping.

The water authority recently announced landscaping credits that will provide a one-dollar credit for every two feet of sod removed and replaced with water-smart elements like artificial turf and pavers.  The city is not trying to get you to remove your lawn and have ugly dirt, but instead is encouraging you to use desert landscaping elements to create a beautiful yard that is also more appropriate for a desert setting.  This can be accomplished using a variety of elements like synthetic grass, walls, lighting, drought resistant plants and decorative pavers.  For those of you who are unfamiliar with the use of patio pavers in desert landscaping situations, it is the use of large rock or concrete slabs that are arranged to create a flat surface where grass would normally be placed.  The creative use of patio  pavers can create sitting areas as well as points of interest in  your yard that are more beautiful than any expanse of grass.

The look of desert landscaping can be a shock to transplants who have always had a green yard that is cared for and mowed on a regular basis.  They look at desert landscaping and see only rock and cacti, which seems like it would not be an enjoyable place for families and pets to spend time.  But the reality is that good desert landscaping can create an area that has soft play areas for pets and children, putting greens, firepits and sitting areas made of pavers that are not only enjoyable, but are relatively maintenance and water free.  You can do your part to conserve water during these times of drought and still benefit from it by getting credits on your water bills, and not having to pay a landscaper to come every month.   Contact us today to find out more about water smart landscaping and the installation of both artificial turf and patio pavers.  Once you experience a desert landscape that we design and install, you will never go back to grass again.

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