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Let’s face it, poured concrete driveways are boring.  They crack and require maintenance to preserve them.  In the desert, asphalt driveways are fine, but retain a lot of heat, and can fade or pit, requiring maintenance.  For style, durability, and low-maintenance, consider using pavers to create your driveway.

When you install a paver driveway, your options for style are limitless.  Pavers are far more durable than concrete and show little to no effect of intense heat or temperature extremes.  Interlocking pavers can stand up to the demands of your Las Vegas driveway, such as traffic and vehicular load, and still hold their style.

Quality, Professional Paver Driveway Installation

Paver driveway installation in Las Vegas isn’t a DIY project.  Proper Installation is the key to the long life, and long-term value, of your paver driveway.  For professional paver driveway installation in Las Vegas, trust Desert Greenscapes.

Desert Greenscapes understands the needs of Las Vegas homeowners.  We’re local and family owned and operated.  Our landscape design and installation, as well as our low-maintenance synthetic turf, outdoor lighting and paver driveway installation in Las Vegas is done with our customers complete satisfaction in mind.  We’re environmentally friendly in all of our services, and sustainability is at the foundation of our company.

Why Paver Driveways?

The intense temperatures of the Nevada desert mean home exteriors take a real beating.  From landscaping to building materials, homeowners in Las Vegas must seek out the most durable components available.  The material used for your driveway needs to be hale and hardy.  That’s why paver driveway installation in Las Vegas is the wise choice.

But paver driveways don’t stop at their ability to withstand what Mother Nature dishes out.  Paver driveway installation in Las Vegas is classic and a beautiful complement to any home.  With the old-world charm of an English Manor, or a Mediterranean Palazzo, pavers lend a casual elegance to your home’s exterior.

Beyond the visual appeal of a paver driveway installation in Las Vegas, you’ll realize the value of your investment when you discover the care-free nature of your paver driveway.  The seamed installation means more flexibility, and less repairs than traditional poured concrete.  You won’t be patching your driveway regularly when you choose paver driveway installation in Las Vegas.  Just keep it free from debris for appearances sake and your paver driveway will last for years to come.

Ensure the success of your paver driveway installation when you trust the job to Desert Greenscapes.  The professional installation team at Desert Greenscapes will come to your home, discuss your options and present you with a free, no-obligation estimate for your paver driveway.  Your paver driveway installation n Las Vegas will be completed in a timely manor, adhering to your budget.

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Paver Driveways are the right choice for homeowners in the Las Vegas area.  Desert Greenscapes is the paver driveway expert.  Should you desire a new paver driveway, want to replace your current driveway, or need paver repair, contact Desert Greenscapes today.

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