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Personal Putting Greens In Las Vegas

Las Vegas is one of the golfing capitals of the world, even though some people wouldn’t think of it as an elite destination when it comes to golf.  In reality, Las Vegas has more than 50 golf courses which would take a person more than two months to play each one of them, and that would only be possible if they devoted every day to playing.  For this reason, many professional golfers as well as those who simply love the game have taken up residence in Las Vegas either as a primary or secondary residence.  The weather in Las Vegas is perfect for golf for most of the year, and the unbelievably low percentage of rain almost assures that your game is not going to be missed due to inclement weather.  For those Las Vegans with a passion for the game, a personal putting green at their home, business or even basement is one of the luxuries that not only improves your game but also improves your property values.  This is why it is so common for residents to explore their options with regards to a putting green in their backyard.

Desert Greenscapes is one of the premiere putting green installation companies in both Las Vegas and the country.  Because of our expertise in artificial turf installations as part of landscaping and our commitment to water conservation in the desert, we find that the installation of a putting green into the home of a golfer in Las Vegas is a natural fit.  Instead of having to take the time to get your clubs, get dressed and drive down to the nearest course just to practice your puts, you can just grab your putter and a few balls and find all the enjoyment you want on your own backyard.

Las Vegas doesn’t get a lot of rain, and as a result golf courses have to water using irrigation systems quite often.  In addition to this, the upkeep to keep a putting green in the condition that it needs to be in order to be functional is quite difficult and time consuming.  This is why the installation of your private putting green using artificial turf specifically designed for putting green use is perfect for you.  We will install your new putting green to your specifications, potentially surrounding it with a taller artificial grass in order to simulate the actual transitions of your favorite course.  You will receive an installation that will utilize the finest of turf installation products and a process that has the attention to detail that is necessary in order to get that perfect flat and pitch that a natural course will have.  Our turf installations will remain tight and without bagging or ripples for many years, providing you with countless hours of putting enjoyment.

The installation of a putting green is best left to the experts, as they are even more difficult to get perfect than a typical fake grass lawn.  Synthetic grass products themselves are already tricky to install, and if you are going to be using that lawn to create a situation where a golf ball will roll smoothly over the surface without those irritating divots and ripples that a bad installation provides then you are going to want to call us.  We are your putting green experts.

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