Desert Greenscapes

Save Water, Time And Money With Artificial Turf

There is a large scale heat wave happening in Las Vegas right now, with temperatures going as high as a record tying 117 degrees on Tuesday.  We are expected to remain over 110 degrees every day for at least a week, and possibly longer.  While this is certainly extreme heat, especially this early in the year, it is nothing new for Las Vegas residents who expect scorching temperatures every year.  While most people take measures to protect their plants and gardens, one of the plants that you cannot effectively shade from the baking sun is your lawn.  Unfortunately, there is no effective way to shade your lawn from the sun, which means that the only thing that you can do to battle the sun and heat is to water it more.  In a typical situation this might not be an issue, but in Las Vegas and surrounding communities of Nevada we are currently in a severe drought situation that requires conservation of water.  In order to assure that there is enough drinking water available for all residents at all times, the SNWA monitors water levels at Lake Mead and passes regulations on watering if the level gets too low to provide a guarantee.  Currently, that level is too low and as a result there are restrictions on when and how long you can water your lawn.  These restrictions are going to cause your lawn to dry out and potentially die over the summer, so now is the perfect time to start looking into options that are better suited to our desert environment than grass.

Artificial turf is the best option for Las Vegas residents who want a green and lush looking yard but still want to conserve water.  No matter what, the option of having a living grass lawn is not appropriate for the desert, and is going to cost up to 55 gallons of water per square foot per year just to keep it alive.  This water is considered wasted when it is needed in order to guarantee water for our neighbors to drink,  so looking into desert landscaping or artificial turf options is the responsible thing to do.  Luckily, there is also an incentive program offered through the SNWA that will rebate you up to two dollars per square foot of artificial turf that you install after removing your existing sod.  This will create a significant savings on the purchase and installation of synthetic grass, while also giving you the ability to conserve water.  This will show you savings over time on your watering as well as landscaping bills, as the synthetic lawn does not grow and therefore needs no care and mowing.  S if you are looking to be a good neighbor to the community and save water during the drought, as well as saving money on the upkeep of your landscaping and yard, then artificial turf is probably a perfect solution.  Keep that green and luxurious look that you want, while never needing to spend money or time on it again.

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