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Synthetic Grass Is Perfect For Pets

If you have moved to Las Vegas from another area in the country and brought your pets with you, chances are they were trained to go out and go to the bathroom on grass.  When they are relocated to a desert landscape like ours, they are unfamiliar with the feel of the landscape beneath their paws, and may have a difficult time understanding where they are supposed to relieve themselves.  This is one of the reasons that so many people in Las Vegas are now installing dog runs and play areas specifically for pets that are made up of synthetic grass.  The look and feel of artificial turf in these areas will give your pet the experience they are used to, as well as providing them with enjoyment while providing you with ease of maintenance.

In the past, people hesitated to use artificial turf in dog runs or areas where animals would go to the bathroom specifically because the materials they were made from did not provide adequate drainage, thus creating an odor of urine that was difficult to control.  As the technology behind the production of synthetic grass became more involved, manufacturers began experimenting with backings that would allow for more appropriate drainage in order to overcome the pooling that was taking place.  While solving the issue of pooling rainwater, the manufacturers also solved the issue of urine pooling on the surface, and as a result created products that were far more friendly for pet owners to use.  Because the backing now allows liquids to move through them and be absorbed by the ground underneath, the urine and solid waste that your pet produces have never been easier to clean up.  A typical dog run will be made of an artificial turf product specifically designed for the purpose, and which can be hosed off from time to time in order to keep it looking and smelling like natural grass.  The low maintenance aspects are delightful for pet owners, and every pet loves to have an area that is soft on their paws where they can run and play.

Integration of an artificial turf dog run or play area is our specialty, and we will be able to integrate it into your landscaping plan in a way that looks fantastic while still being completely functional.  Our main goal is the happiness and well being of our customer’s pets, so we can assure you that we use only materials that are safe for your pet to interact with.  In addition, the products we use are resistant to the bleaching effect that animal urine has in hot climates on both natural grass as well as other surfaces.  You will need to hose it off a little more often than you would an artificial grass area that is not used by pets, but the small amount of added maintenence is nothing compared to the care that you would need to put into a yard of real grass.  Anyone in Las Vegas who has owned a pet can tell you stories about urine burn, and their investment being slowly ruined just because their pet uses it.  Call us today to learn more about the solutions that will delight you and your pet alike.

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