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Synthetic Turf Lawns

Synthetic Turf Lawns

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Synthetic turf is clearly the future in Las Vegas.  Ideals and cultures change over time, and the old school of thought process of resources being unlimited has given way to a more the old way of thinking.  Residents of Las Vegas today are more concerned with keeping the environment intact and safe for all people, instead of short-term gratification and selfishness.  While Las Vegas was built on the idea of money being able to purchase and create anything in the world, the residents are waking up to the fact that even though you might be able to afford something, it doesn’t mean that it is right to waste it.  Water is one of the biggest concerns in Las Vegas and always has been, since we live in a desert and water is not one of the commodities that is in huge supply.  Even though the dam created a situation where water was plentiful the valley, and exploding population and ongoing drought conditions make it so that water has now become scarce again, and wasting it on things that do not directly benefit our population is frowned upon.  We’ve gone as far as to create fines for those that waste water, and also provide benefits as a community to those who take steps towards conserving it.  These efforts save millions of gallons of water every year that would typically be going down into sewers and instead are conserved for the public drinking supply so animals and people have the ability to be assured that when they need water it will be there.  Many are unaware that a single foot of grass lawn in Las Vegas will consume upwards of 50 gallons of water every year, and every drop of that water would be able to be used for drinking.  If the water was unlimited then there is no issue but since it isn’t we must take steps.


One of the best things that you can do to conserve water is to admit that we might have made mistakes in the past installing grass lawns, and proactively remove that living grass.  It is better to replace it with a desert landscaping that uses no water whatsoever or at least a water smart landscape that we use only minimal water to keep plants alive.  If you absolutely must see that green grass in your front yard then it is wiser to look into synthetic turf than to keep feeding water to living grass.  This will give you the ability to have the perfect lawn that looks and feels exactly like real grass except that it needs no water nor care and maintenance.  You will never need to mow your lawn again or spend your weekends working on it in order to keep it looking good.  A synthetic turf lawn stays looking good no matter what, and allows you to spend your time enjoying your home instead of continually working on it.  If you are ready to make the change two synthetic turf, contact us today.

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