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The Artificial Turf Investment

The Artificial Turf Investment

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While most homeowners understand the concept of a home improvement and how investing money into your home can ultimately improve the value at resale time.  Simply put, a home that has been improved appropriately can be looked upon as an ongoing investment that will recoup the money that was put in and also show a profit when the sale is made.  For example, $100,000 home that has a new kitchen put in at a cost of $10,000 may be able to be sold for $120,000, ultimately providing the homeowner with an extra $10,000 that they would not have been able to charge if they had not decided to do the renovation.  The other side of home improvement is simply for the updating of one’s home for your own personal enjoyment, never with the intention of selling.  Many townspeople will put money into their home without thinking about the amount of money that it will return on their home’s sale.  In this type of home improvement can generally be more decorative, due to the fact that it is not tied to what can be construed as a business decision.  Either way, home improvement gives you a return on your investment either in the form of money or satisfaction that is worth more to you than the money itself.  With certain types of home improvement there is also the ability to provide yourself with a better life by either removing maintenance that would be necessary from your routine or giving you a sense of satisfaction for helping the community.  This is what the installation of artificial turf instead of a grass lawn can provide you in Las Vegas.


Las Vegas is a desert community, and as such we have a shortage of water been continually plagues our region.  This shortage of water and hot temperatures is essentially what makes the desert what it is, but since we are chosen to call this region home we must consider ways to create an abundance of the necessary aspects that provide life.  Water is one of the most essential elements their region must have been order to make it livable, and while Las Vegas have enough water when the population was smaller the situation has changed.  Today, we have more people and therefore a greater need for more water.  When you couple this with the drought conditions that become more severe in some years than others you can see the situation become hazardous quite quickly.  We can run out of water very easily in a short period of time with the right combination of drought and a large population.  This is why there are continual watering restrictions placed onto homeowners at this point with no end in sight.  Homeowners must follow these restrictions in order to conserve water for the community, and one of the best ways to do it is to invest in artificial turf instead of a living lawn.  This is the type of home improvement that will give you satisfaction while also helping the community.

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