Desert Greenscapes

Water Smart Landscaping In Las Vegas

Las Vegas is a desert community, and as such there is a serious lack of natural rainfall.  This translates to our natural landscaping looking very different than more lush communities where there is more rain.  The creation of Lake Mead made it possible to reserve water over time and have access to water for drinking, thus making our community more able to be lived in by human beings, but that water in reserve is not necessarily a guarantee.  Excesses in water in Lake Mead gave our residents the ability to plant landscaping items that use more water than is natural in the area, those items being artificially kept living by water systems installed in yards that use the same water supply as our drinking water.  When drought conditions bring water levels in Lake Mead down past the point of being able to guarantee drinking water for all residents, then restrictions on these unnecessary uses of water must be put in place.  Yes, the county understands that you are not being provided with the ability to water your lawn enough to keep it healthy.  People are more important than your lawn.

While the watering restrictions are by no means a good thing, and many people are going to lose their investments in their landscaping, the county is attempting to provide an ability to remove the landscaping that uses water and replace it with water smart landscaping in Las Vegas at a discount.  The county will rebate up to 2 dollars per square foot of sod that you remove from your property and replace with water smart alternatives like artificial turf or other xeriscaping elements.  Because a typical foot of sod will need almost 55 gallons of water every year to stay alive, the county realizes that it is worth it to rebate people on the installation of ground coverings that will not use that water.  By making that water available to people to drink, we ensure the safety of residents of Clark County while reducing water bills that are imposed on residents at the same time.  Using a professional company like ours to install your water smart landscaping is the only way to take advantage of these rebates and offers from the community and water authority, so make sure that you use a licensed company like ours to do the removal and installation.  There are several steps necessary to take advantage, and certain approvals that must be given  by the city.  Do  not start your project without researching what you need to do in order to take advantage.

Once you ahve installed your water smart landscaping, you will no longer need to provide water to it in order for it to look good.  You will also no longer need to care for it in order to keep it from looking overgrown.  Water smart landscaping is going to require almost no maintenance as it is generally made up of items that do not grow.  Contact us today to learn mor eabout your options for improving your property with water smart elements.

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