Synthetic Turf Playgrounds Improve Home Values

For areas like Las Vegas that were once not considered friendly for families to be transformed into one of the leading communities to raise children in America is nothing short of astonishing, but it is in fact the case.  With the housing boom that happened over the course of the last decade, many families transplanted to Las Vegas in search of a less expensive alternative to southern California.  Even though the housing crisis hit Las Vegas hard, we have found that many of the families have stayed in the area due to the ability to own property for less expense than other areas, as well as job and employment opportunities.  Probably the biggest reason that families stay in Las Vegas is due to the ability to lead an outdoor life almost year round, as opposed to communities where snow and cold trap you inside for extended periods of the year.  People enjoy spending time with their children and pets outside, and Las Vegas weather gives them that opportunity.

Transforming your Las Vegas home into a family friendly environment involves creating spaces where children can play without getting injured.  Outside areas in Las Vegas are difficult to maintain with traditional grass ground coverings due to the fact that the hot sun makes it hard to keep the grass healthy.  Factor in the drought conditions and watering restrictions, and you find that it is nearly impossible to have a healthy lawn of real grass in the Las Vegas valley.  The alternatives of desert landscaping and concrete are not conducive to safe play areas for children, as typical children will often run and fall on hard surfaces.  A child falling on concrete will typically produce far more damage than falling on grass or another soft surface, and rock ground coverings provide a surface that is also very harsh to fall on and will actually create more falls due to it’s loose nature.  So what is the answer for a parent looking to create a yard space that is good for children, or a homeowner who wants to improve their property value to sell to families?  The answer is synthetic grass.

Synthetic turf play areas will provide soft areas where children will be able to comfortably play and sit, and in the case that they begin to fun (which you know they will) it will be stable enough to not cause them to slip.  If a child falls on artificial turf that is professionally installed, they will be falling onto a surface that has the natural cushion of the grass blades as well as the compacted underlay that is installed under the grass in order to provide shape and adequate drainage.  All of these factors combined with the precision staking and seam joining that a professional installation will give you provides the ideal surface for children to play on.  This will improve your property value for families interested in your home, or simply provide an area where your child can run and play without getting hurt.  Contact us today to find out about synthetic grass play areas.