Stackable Block Retaining Wall Design & Installation

Retaining walls are a great way to not only help with erosion and water drainage, but to create a beautiful, useful garden space in your yard. In years past, many people relied on brick masonry or poured concrete for retaining walls, but concrete and masonry wants to be fixed in place while the soil below moves–leading to cracks and eventual failure of the retaining wall. Pavers, or stackable blocks, have greater flexibility, ensuring that your retaining wall is beautiful and sturdy for years to come.

Stackable paver blocks for retaining walls feature interlocking stones with decorative facades, creating beautiful, sturdy retaining walls that can last a lifetime. We have a number of design and style options available, allowing you to create a design for your home that is unique and eye-catching, improving your home’s curb appeal and value.

The Paver Advantage Over Concrete & Brick

Beyond the versatility of design afforded homeowners by paver wall installation in Las Vegas, there are other advantages to choosing a paver patio over traditional poured concrete or masonry.  Pavers are extremely low-maintenance, requiring sweeping and occasional hosing off, which amounts to simple “housekeeping”.  Pavers are extremely durable and, should the need for repair arise, can be repaired easily

Though strong and solid, pavers are also flexible, given the seams between the bricks themselves.  That means temperature extremes which may cause expansion and contraction have little to no affect on your wall.  Heavy rains and desert monsoons can’t harm your durable pavers, with professional paver patio installation in Las Vegas.

You already know the aesthetic quality pavers lend to your wall, but surprisingly, paver wall installation in Las Vegas is very affordable.  Superior style, durability, and affordability make pavers the right solution for your outdoor living space.  Paver wall add value to your home and give you an advantage should you list your home for sale.

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