Benefits of Artificial Grass & Turf

Artificial grass – or fake grass – is an amazing option for your business or residence.  Try cutting back on your water bill and maintenance costs by reducing the need for a consistent sprinkler schedule.  With installing the best artificial grass in Las Vegas Nevada, you’ll never be disappointed with our work.  Our fake grass has made several 4 and 5 star reviews across the most common website directories including Google, Yahoo and Yellow Pages.  Trust the industry leader of artificial grass and give us a call today to schedule an appointment with a professional.

Common Uses for Artificial Grass & Turf

          • Indoor Gardens
          • Lawns
          • Roof Terrace Gardens
          • Poolside Beautification
          • Golf Courses
          • Dog Runs

Eco-Friendly Water Wise Landscaping Solution

Artificial grass is an eco-friendly way to have a beautiful yard–especially in desert climates where water is a scarce resource. Our artificial grass requires no water and virtually no maintenance, yet stays green and beautiful all year long. Whether you are looking for an eco-friendly landscaping solution or you simply want to minimize yard-work, our artificial grass products are a perfect solution for your home or business.


Whether you are looking for an affordable, low-maintenance way to green your landscape, or you’re looking for a complete redesign of the landscaping around your home, Desert Landscaping can help. We carry a wide variety of desert landscaping products including artificial and synthetic turf, stone pavers, landscape lighting, and more.

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