In the Las Vegas area, landscaping is already expensive and time-consuming enough — maintaining a green space for pets makes things even more complicated. The great news is that synthetic turf can be installed for dog runs and other pet-friendly spaces, with drainage and odor control to make everything simple, eco-friendly, and less expensive to maintain.

Desert Greenscapes offers synthetic turf solutions for dogs and other pets as part of our comprehensive desert landscaping solutions. Whether you need a complete artificial grass yard or a simple dog run, we can help customize the right landscaping for your home and your pet!

Pet-Friendly Synthetic Turf

Dogs and other animals love grass. Maintaining a lawn in the Las Vegas desert can be expensive or nearly impossible, though. Happiness outdoors is a whole lot easier when you add synthetic turf to create a pet-friendly yard or dog run.

Synthetic turf stands up to the rough and tumble activities of dogs — as well as the Nevada sun and dry climate. Your furry family member can enjoy the outdoors, while you enjoy green desert landscaping without the hassle, water waste, and expense of keeping up grass!

Benefits of Synthetic Turf for Dogs and Other Pets

While pet owners save themselves the headache and costs of grass lawns, the animals themselves love the artificial turf. It’s a green and comfortable space to play and relax outside, and a perfect solution for controlling pet waste.

  • Comfortable on their paws
  • Designate a potty area or dog run
  • Drains quickly, solid waste easy to pick up
  • Zeolite mineral crystals absorb and neutralize odors
  • Keep the home clean — dogs won’t track in dirt
  • Save money, water, and time compared to maintaining real grass!

Desert Landscaping with Pets in Mind

Animals naturally prefer green spaces, and they love having their own areas to play. And if you have relocated to the Las Vegas area, your dog was probably potty-trained on real grass and they may have trouble with the desert landscape. Synthetic turf can be perfectly pet-friendly and designed for waste and odor control.

At Desert Greenscapes, we create custom dog runs and pet areas to go along with complete Las Vegas landscaping solutions — lawns, putting greens, desert gardens, pool area landscaping, and more. Your home’s desert landscaping can be a perfect place for pets, kids, native plant gardens, and everything you want it to be.


Synthetic turf helps you control the costs of pet ownership and desert landscaping in the Las Vegas area. Replace real grass with artificial turf to save money and water, or add a dog run to make family pets feel even more comfortable and happy outdoors!

Desert Greenscapes provides free estimates on all projects. Contact us online to discuss pet-friendly synthetic turf and complete desert landscaping.