Xeriscaping has become immensely popular all over the world thanks to the demand for water conservation, low-maintenance landscaping, and year-round beauty. In Las Vegas, xeriscaping holds even more appeal: it’s easier, more eco-friendly, and more sustainable to use xeriscaping for desert gardening.

Xeriscaping simply means landscaping for a dry climate using elements that do not require much watering or irrigation, if any. You are not limited to native plants — we can incorporate other drought-resistant species and other decorative elements.

Desert Greenscapes can help you lower your water bills and create an eco-friendly desert landscape that is easy to maintain. From flowering succulents to custom stone paver layouts, our team can help you create a vibrant xeriscape for your Las Vegas home.

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Xeriscaping benefits you, the local environment, and the planet. Why waste water maintaining a grass and plants that are better suited to a wet climate, only to be disappointed when the greenery fails to thrive?

Xeriscaping focuses on elements that thrive without much water, so you can spend less on utilities while also helping conserve natural resources.

Going green with xeriscaping in Las Vegas and its surrounding areas will reward you for years to come in the form of less upkeep and a better looking lawn. The key benefits of xeriscaping include:


You may think of cactus and stone gardens when you think of xeriscaping, but there are almost endless possibilities. You can have a lush lawn of premium artificial grass along with decorative pavers and natural stone, along with a colorful variety of native and drought-resistant plants.

If you love green lawns and colorful gardens, Desert Greenscapes can help you design a xeriscape that incorporates the vibrant look you want. We can source colorful, flowering plants and install comfortable, soft synthetic turf that your children and pets will love.

Sustainability helps keep your landscaping beautiful. Without the worry about heavy watering needs, your xeriscape can stay attractive in all seasons with little maintenance.


At Desert Greenscapes, we know how to design xeriscaping around your style preferences and the layout of your front and back yards.

We work with synthetic turf, stone pavers, desert plants, and outdoor lighting designs to create a beautiful xeriscape custom made for your home.

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