Beautiful, low-cost solutions for athletic fields in the Las Vegas,NV area.

From professional sports team all the way down to elementary school athletics, the best solution for turf in southern Nevada is artificial grass. We design eco-friendly, low-maintenance turf solutions that elevate your game when it comes to providing a safe and durable sporting field.

Desert Greenscapes offers premium synthetic grass designed for athletic purposes in mind — perfect for schools and sports leagues of all levels. Our athletic fields offer a long-lasting solution that reduces your water bills and operating costs while providing a performance quality that looks and feels amazingly like the real thing. We even offer outdoor lighting systems and more as part of a complete package to enhance your athletic fields.

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Today’s artificial grass scarcely resembles the retro turf you might be familiar with. In fact, our artificial grass resembles real grass more than anything else.

Whether your organization needs artificial grass that functions like the long-cut lawn of a baseball field or the short turf of soccer, Desert Greenscapes has solutions that provide a durable and low-maintenance option that enhances the quality of your athletics experience.

Benefits of choosing artificial grass for sports fields include:

  • Drastically reduces maintenance costs and upkeep demands
  • Tough and durable to last decades, even with heavy use
  • Customizable sizes and a variety of materials to suit your preferences
  • Eliminates the costs of heavy water consumption
  • Resilient against UV rays, rain, and the Nevada climate
  • Performs much like real grass, without all the trouble!


Athletes and students benefit immensely from an artificial grass field. Compared to the hard ground of a Las Vegas grass patch that can barely stay alive — artificial grass provides a safe and dependable turf that keeps everyone in the game, all year long.

Your operating budget will enjoy a huge relief in terms of both reduced water bills and landscaping maintenance. Our turf is easy to keep in excellent shape, naturally repelling the elements and requiring very little upkeep.

Consistency on the field, long-term savings, and a beautiful athletic field to take pride in. Artificial grass makes it possible for your organization to have it all.


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