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A paver patio is a beautiful addition to any home.  In the desert, a paver patio is ideal, and can be used year round. Level ground is easy to maintain in the Las Vegas area, so your maintenance will be minimal.  The versatility and array of paver styles mean the design options for your patio are endless and can complement any yard, home or business.

Pavers can be utilized in so many ways.  First introduced to this country for outdoor usage in the 1970’s, pavers lend an old-world style to your outdoor space, reminiscent of Italy’s palazzos, or a stately English country manor.  The interlocking pieces are made from concrete and the bricks can be laid out in a variety of styles to cover any area from patios to pool decks and walkways to driveways.

Paving stones are an excellent alternative to concrete.  Pavers tend to hold up under the intense sun and heat of the Nevada desert and accommodate temperature extremes far better than the average poured concrete patio or outdoor deck.  The unique quality of pavers brings an added advantage over concrete-panache!

Professional Paver Installation by Desert Greenscapes

For paver patio installation in Las Vegas you need Desert Greenscapes.  The professionals at Desert Greenscapes understand your desire for the perfect outdoor living space for you and your family.  Our paver professionals will work with you to achieve the patio of your dreams.

Desert Greenscapes is family owned and operated.  We take pride in your satisfaction and no job is considered finished until you, the customer, are completely thrilled with your new paver patio installation in Las Vegas.  Our skilled paver installation team has the experience and know-how to ensure your perfect patio.

The Paver Advantage Over Concrete

Beyond the versatility of design afforded homeowners by paver patio installation in Las Vegas, there are other advantages to choosing a paver patio over traditional poured concrete.  Pavers are extremely low-maintenance, requiring sweeping and occasional hosing off, which amounts to simple “housekeeping”.  Pavers are extremely durable and, should the need for repair arise, can be repaired easily

Though strong and solid, pavers are also flexible, given the seams between the bricks themselves.  That means temperature extremes which may cause expansion and contraction have little to no affect on your patio.  Heavy rains and desert monsoons can’t harm your durable pavers, with professional paver patio installation in Ls Vegas.

You already know the aesthetic quality pavers lend to your patio, but surprisingly, paver patio installation in Las Vegas is very affordable.  Superior style, durability, and affordability make pavers the right solution for your outdoor living space.  Paver patios add value to your home and give you an advantage should you list your home for sale.

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For paver patio installation in Las Vegas, as well as sustainable and water wise landscape design, outdoor lighting, and synthetic grass, trust Desert Greenscapes.  We provide free, no-obligation estimates for all of our services.  Contact Desert Greenscapes today for your patio paver installation in Las Vegas.