A safe, environmentally friendly, maintenance free surface for athletic playing fields

Maintaining and caring for a natural grass athletic field in Las Vegas can be a huge undertaking.  The man hours alone involved in nurturing your natural turf field, and just keeping it alive, can take a pretty big chunk of your budget.  Add to that care and maintenance the cost of water, always a concern in the desert, and having a natural turf athletic field becomes quite an investment.

Artificial turf for athletic fields in and around the Las Vegas area are becoming more and more popular with schools, municipal sports teams, recreation leagues, and even some professional, or semi-pro arenas.  Desert Greenscapes is the area’s number one dealer in top-of-the-line artificial turf for athletic fields, and the most trusted in residential synthetic turf, water-conserving landscape, exterior lighting and much more.

Improving on Artificial Turf

The synthetic turf of the 1960’s and 70’s has evolved from a rough, unnatural feeling product to an exact replica of the real thing.  The color, texture and overall appearance is amazing.  Modern artificial turf can fool a majority of those who see, and feel it.

Original artificial turf was difficult for play and practice.  The properties of the real thing just weren’t present in synthetic grass, taking away from the game being played.  Some professional arenas quickly removed their artificial turf as the occurrences of injury rose, blaming the synthetic grass on the field for many of these accidents.

The artificial turf manufactured decades ago raised questions about toxicity . Many people were justifiably concerned that the chemicals and compounds used in the original synthetic grass could create dangerous emissions, putting player at risk, especially children.  Though it was never proven, many shied away from the synthetic product.

After the initial success of artificial turf, and the public response to the ease of care and maintenance, it was obvious the product needed to be retooled a bit and today’s artificial turf was introduced-a non-toxic, authentic looking and feeling, affordable and water-wise product. There’s never a concern over degradation from standing water or the sun’s harsh rays.  Desert Greenscapes line of artificial turf for athletic fields is also much cooler than the synthetic grass of decades ago.

Eco-Friendly, Low Maintenance Turf Solutions

Artificial turf is the ideal solution to the woes of athletic field care and maintenance in the desert climate in which we live.  What’s more, the synthetic grass from Desert Landscapes is eco-friendly, from manufacturing to installation, 100% recyclable, and completely safe for children and pets.

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